Travelbase snowbreak Grandvalira Fronterablanca

Travelbase snowbreak Grandvalira Frontera Blanca
Travelbase snowbreak Grandvalira Fronterablanca

Travelbase snowbreak Grandvalira Fronterablanca

Travelbase snowbreak Grandvalira Fronterablanca
On February 8, 2020, this year’s edition ended at the Andorran Grandvalira station in the town of Pas de la Casa, which is organized every year by the company RDS Events (Travelbase).
In Frontera Blanca, we have welcomed more than 650 participants of this successful edition of the year 2020.
For 1 week, the Town of Pas de la Casa, has been full of more than 2,000 young adults from Belgium who have spent an incredible week of vacation.
This year, like the previous ones, it has been a great success, since the weather has been excellent; with many sunny days, pleasant temperatures.
The snow fallen abundantly a few days before has allowed them to enjoy the beautiful, have great memories and wonderful experiences to take to their country.
This company is a specialist in organizing unique events for this type of client, and this year we have been surprised again by its fantastic organization and willingness to improve and that everything went the same or better than expected.
During these vacations, they not only ski or snowboard at the Grandvalira station in the Principality of Andorra; If not, they also perform various activities during your stay.
Every day on the slopes while skiing, they have prepared an activity, some of them very fun.
This year they have given them Santa Claus and banana costumes and for 2 days they have organized skiing activities proposing the participants to dress up.
Another day, they set up an inflatable church and proposed the participants to disguise themselves according to this theme.
Every night they have had activity, since this year they have set up a tent to celebrate their parties until 2 in the morning, this has allowed their participants to be together and having fun without disturbing the neighbors or families that were in the town.
From the White Frontier we would like to thank you for trusting us again as a reference in Pas de la Casa and Andorra.

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