The "Circ dels Pessons"

The “Circ de Pessons” is formed by a large number of ponds, lakes and rafts that create a unique environment in the Pyrenees and constitute the largest granitic glacial circle in the principality of Andorra. The valley is surrounded by several peaks up to 2,900 meters high, such as the Pessons peak, the Ríbuls peak, the Montmalús

The “Circ de Pessosn” is plenty of spaces where you can enjoy the great and unique natural beauty of the Pyrenees in all its splendor; and of all its fauna and flora.
In the circus of Pessons we can observe the typical vegetation of the lakes.
As examples we would have Carex inflata, aquatic buttercup or sparganium. Around the lakes we can find shrubs such as rhododendron, common juniper and the flower of San Pallari.
This is an amphibian area and it is easy to see tadpoles and frogs.
We can also observe large numbers of marmots.
As for the birds in the area we will find the gray collalba, the red-tailed blight and the riverine bisbita.
Looking at the sky we will see crows, vultures and bonebreakers.
It is a place of great natural wealth where you can find corners where you can enjoy the magnificent landscapes and crystalline waters thanks to the birth of the Valira d’Orient river.

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