Pas de La Casa, more than just an andorran ski resort

Some people know the Andorran town of Pas de la Casa for the attractive prices offered by its many shops, others for the attractiveness of its sunny ski resort. Yet all still underestimate the many assets of the Pas de la Casa ski resort in Andorra, resting on the Franco-Andorran border.

The Pas de la Casa resort

Pas de la Casa in the beginning ...

Pas de la Casa in Catalan means "Passage of the house." The name referred to the only “house” that existed in the early 20th century which was a small shepherd’s hut. Hard to believe when you now look at with the wealth of infrastructures that make up today’s Pas de la Casa ski resort.

Then came tourism and trade

The city of Pas de la Casa in Andorra is part of the parish of Encamp and is located on the Franco-Andorran border. There are no less than seven parishes in Andorra. Pas de la Casa is the first Andorran town that you cross when arriving from France. This municipality has two main economic activities:

Pas de la Casa and its tourism

In winter, Pas de la Casa is a ski resort that attracts millions of tourists from around the world to enjoy its sunny snowy slopes. In summer, skiers give way to walkers and bikers attracted by the sumptuous landscapes offered by the Andorran mountains of Pas de la Casa.

The Andorran resort and its commerce

Throughout the year the tax-free shops are the delight of many borderers and other international tourists in search of bargains. In Andorra, the Pas de la Casa ski resort is one of the main spots for shopping, along with the capital city Andorra La Vella.

A lively Andorran ski resort!

Fun, festive and innovative entertainment for everyone

The Pas de la Casa ski resort is constantly evolving and improving its offers for the well-being and satisfaction of tourists. The Andorran town never ceases to reinvent itself and offer tourists more fun, festive and innovative activities. The Pas de la Casa ski resort is always offering a full calendar of entertainment for each holiday period. Young and old, with family, solo or with friends, will enjoy themselves with the activities offered by the Andorran ski resort.

The security, a major asset of the Andorran resort

As a dynamic ski resort, Pas de la Casa is also suitable for families and snow sports fans. Highlight of the Principality of Andorra, security is a definite plus, if not a luxury. From the reliability of the infrastructures to the overall atmosphere in the streets and on the slopes, families with children are the first to enjoy the serenity that prevails in the Andorran ski resort of Pas de la Casa.
The police are very present, yet discreetly, to assure the visitors’ peace of mind.

A complete and attractive offer

Gourmet restaurants for every budget

Another highlight of the Principality of Andorra is its restaurants, which offer every type of cuisine for every budget. If France and Spain have naturally influenced local cuisine, world cuisines are well represented in Pas de la Casa. The Andorran ski resort has of course many tempting restaurants in the city streets as well as in altitude.

All kinds of shops

The shops are numerous and varied in the Pas de la Casa ski resort. If the ever-present cigarette and alcohol shops are favored, many other businesses are just as interesting: shops selling motorcycle equipment, jewelers, clothes and shoe shops, sports shops, photo and electronics shops, etc. The many sales periods regulated by the Andorran legislation offer the opportunity to make excellent bargains: up to 70 and 80% off! Many tourists do not bother bringing their sports equipment and travel "light" so they may equip themselves directly on site and in the best conditions in the Pas de la Casa ski resort.

Here the shopping regulations in Andorra

The Col d’Envalira (2 409 meters), the access to the Pas de la Casa ski resort

Leading to the Pas de la Casa ski resort, is the Col d’Envalira (Puerto de Envalira in Spanish), the highest road pass in the Pyrenees. Located in Andorra, it reaches an altitude of 2409 meters. From France, specifically from Ax-les-Thermes, it will take you 30 km on the National Highway 20 to get to it. It is accessible by car a very large part of the year and is one of the highest cols in Europe accessible by car. Since 2002, the Envalira tunnel allows to avoid it in order to reach other cities and parishes of the Principality of Andorra. At 2000 meters, the tunnel is exclusively for light vehicles and is nearly 2 860 m long.