Visit Andorra in sidecars, a new to-do activity in El Pas de la Casa!

Are you looking for an activity to do in El Pas de la Casa for your next stay? Discover Classic Side Tour and their excursions from one hour to a whole day to visit Andorra in sidecars in a fun and original way! With you family, your partner or your friends, be ready to be amazed!

What can one do in El Pas de la Casa?

Whether you come here for skiing, shopping, mountain biking, hiking, all year round there is always an opportunity for you to enjoy yourself in Andorra! And why won’t you take advantage of your stay in El Pas de Casa to venture into this amazing territory, among the extraordinary landscapes provided by the Andorran Pyrenees? Do not wonder anymore what is there to do in El Pas de la Casa, from now on you can visit Andorra in sidecars, an experience filled with emotion!

Visit Andorra in a sidecar

Classic Side Tour offers you the opportunity to embark on board that vehicle as authentic as original to visit Andorra and discover the most touristic spots in the Principality.

Alone, with your partner, your family or your friends, you have the possibility to book a ride for as long as you wish, from 1h to a whole day!

Original and unique sensations to share!

Discover new sensations on board the sidecar! Whether you are placed behind the pilot or in the “sidecar seat”, the sensations will be different but just as surprising and intense. In order for your experience to be complete, Classic Side Tour will give you the possibility to exchange your place with your partner during the ride, provided that the balance of the vehicle is respected.

A fun activity to visit Andorra open to children...and animals!

New unusual activity to visit Andorra, the sidecars ride with Classic Side Tour are intended for the whole family and children from 5 years old can be apart of the ride if they are accompanied by an adult and imperatively placed in the “sidecar seat”.
Children from 8 years old will be allowed to be behind the pilot, with the parents’ authorization!

Animals are also allowed on board. Do not let your dog alone and take him with you to discover the breathtaking Andorran landscapes for a blast of fresh air!

Various and flamboyant routes to do in El Pas de la Casa and its surroundings...

From 1 hour to 1 day

Excursions from 3 hours can start in El Pas de la Casa, for the other excursions you will have to get to one of the meeting points, the nearest to El Pas de la Casa is the lovely village of Soldeu, only 15 minutes away from El Pas by road.

What to do in El Pas de la Casa? Discover the magnificent and rolling landscapes of the Principality that will provide you with an imperishable memory.

But can one ride a sidecar during winter in El Pas de la Casa?

The itineraries presented go from 2 to 29km, and offer varied landscapes, at the discretion of the valleys, mountain passes and seasons! Off-roader thanks to their power wheels, URAL sidecars provide the advantage to be able to visit Andorra all year round, on asphalt or on snow. You can even slide your skis in the “sidecar seat”!

...or personalized according to your desires!

Tailor-made to get off the beaten track

Beyond the established circuits, Classic Side Tour presents to you the opportunity to personalize your itinerary in a sidecar to get off the beaten track to go where your heart tells you to go. For yourself or to please someone else in an original way, personalize your entire itinerary, from the passengers’ meeting point to the wished stops!

Visit Andorra and go off to discover the Andorran gastronomy!

Because a visit of Andorra cannot limit itself to the sole discovery of its landscapes, as magnificent as they are, Classic Side Tour introduces you, if you feel like it, to the gastronomy in Andorra. In partnership with the famous Gourmeterie Marquet, gastronomical institution in Andorra, the team offers a tasting, for 2-hours rides or more.

Chose and taste delicious and refined dishes amongst a large range of products of the Principality and beyond: wine, cheese, cooked meat, champagne or typical alcohols, the hardest thing will be to choose! Classic Side Tour will take care of everything in order for your tasting experience to be the most enjoyable as possible, without any restriction.

Safety first!

Because visiting Andorra in a sidecar must be safe, Classic Side Tour commits to respect the safety of the participants by offering high-quality, comfortable vehicles in compliance with European standards. Of military conception, sidecars possess many equipments to guarantee the passengers’ safety, and each pilot has been specifically trained to drive a sidecar. Once you get to the meeting point for your ride, a helmet of your size will be handed to you.

If you wish to know more, go to the website Classic Side Tour!

Do not wonder anymore about what is there to do in El Pas de la Casa and get off the traditional activities by trying a new, unique, original adventure filled with sensations to visit Andorra in a fun and totally safe way! And do not forget that Frontera Blanca remains at your service to offer you many activities to do in El Pas de la Casa during your stay in Andorra. Leader in the holidays renting business in El Pas de la Casa, the Estate Agency will welcome you during the year in one of their high-quality residence near the businesses and at the foot of the slopes!