Ultra Trail Vallnord takes place in Andorra on July 4 – 9, 2017

Andorra can be likened to a sports terrain without limits! Outdoor enthusiasts and individuals that love mountain landscapes will all enjoy participating in Ultra Trail Vallnord, which takes place in Andorra July 4 – 9, 2017. This high-level trail race attracts competitors from around the world as well as large crowds of spectators.

The Ultra Trail Vallnord portion of the race that takes place in the mountains is reserved for endurance athletes

On the Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord, we want to offer you the chance to admire Andorra from its highest peaks. You will pass through the valleys of Comapedrosa communal natural park, the Sorteny valley natural park, and the Madriu valley, which has World Heritatge status, at an altitude of almost 3,000 metres in a purely mineral environment. At our event, you will experience the magic of the mountains in the light of a full moon, the camaraderie of the aid stations, the spirit of self-improvment that drives runners and the good humour and friendship that emerge with shared adventure.

This trail race is filled with unforgettable moments

• A race that takes place at night, following trails up mountain peaks
• Rest stops for food and drink where organizers rival to be the most welcoming
• Healthy competition mixed with personal challenge
• Fellow racers encouraging, empathizing and energizing each other during their long hard journey

The Andorran Ultra Trail’s different routes

This event is comprised of five different competitions. The routes wind through the heart of the Andorran mountains. There is sure to be a route that will present a race to challenge any endurance level and answer the interests of each participant.

Race name Distance Total elevator
Euforia dels cims 233 km 20.000 m
Ronda dels cims 170 km 13.500 m
Mitic 112 km 9.700 m
Celestrail 83 km 5.000 m
Marató dels cims 42.5 km 3.000 m
Marche Solidaritrail 10 km 750 m

All the details off Ultra Trail Andorre: l’Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord.

Video coverage from the last Ultra Trail Andorra

More detailed information about Ultra Trail Andorra can be found on Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord’s official website.