The Madriu Valley: the perfect spot for hiking, trekking, fishing, climbing and discovering lakes in Andorra

Discover the Madriu Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and hike through the mountain trails in the heart of a wild and unspoiled nature. Everyone will find, during their stay in Andorra, a hike that answers their expectations: a small walk around an altitude lake, the climb of a Pyrenees peak to admire the view, a fishing day to discover the local fauna, etc.

The Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley

Classified World Heritage site by the UNESCO

The Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley, more commonly known as the Madriu Valley in Andorra, was classified site of World Heritage by the UNESCO in 2004 thanks to its unique natural and cultural environment. It shelters a wide variety of animal species (isards, deer, mouflons, wild boars, marmots, etc.) and an ecosystem that will delight nature lovers.

Ultra-secure hiking trails

This little corner of paradise offers several walks and hikes. In Andorra, the trails are delimited and signage allows you to follow pre-established and safe paths. We especially recommend the itinerary starting at Escaldes-Engordany. You will be able to enjoy a 100% Andorran hike and discover a spectacular panorama of mountains, surmounted by lakes and wide spaces of a breath-taking beauty.

More than a paradise of nature

Historically, for Andorra, the valley of Madriu represents a formidable testimony to the ingenuity of its population to exploit the wealth of local resources (notably thanks to the use of foundry). It also reflects the many changes that have occurred over the centuries, both economically and socially (the communal system of land management is dated back to the 13th century).

A summer in Andorra, does not just mean hiking…

Fishing and climbing in Andorra


In Andorra, fishing is a popular activity, especially during the summer season. The Andorran lakes belonging to the Madriu valley are classified as "open waters for fishing". Put on your fishing boots and bring back from your hike in Andorra a delicious salmon trout!


For the more adventurous, the climb of Andorran peaks is waiting for you! The Principality has more than 200 climbing routes throughout its territory and welcomes you for routes filled with thrills! For both amateurs and experts, the Sola D’Enclar site, in Andorra la Vella, hosts the largest number of climbing routes in Andorra.

Hiking in the Andorran Pyrenees

Hiking trails for the whole family in Andorra

Walking through a country is the best way to discover its secrets! In Andorra, the Madriu valley offers a unique setting for excursions, more or less long, more or less difficult. This must-see site is one of the last in the Principality to remain 100% natural. If some houses are scattered on its territory (summer cabins for shepherds), no road crosses it.
You will find hiking trails in the Principality of Andorra adapted for all, from amateurs to the more experienced.

Our recommendation from the apartments Frontera Blanca

Trails from Grau Roig

Located a few kilometers from your apartment Frontera Blanca, the route begins in the parking of Grau Roig. You will then discover a magnificent pathway, very characteristic of the high mountain. This itinerary will take you to Andorran Lake Pessons and for those who want to combine the love of nature with the love of gastronomy, do not hesitate to take a break at the mountain restaurant Pessons. We especially recommend their mountain rice, a local gastronomic specialty!

Access by the Funicamp

Why not try something different by starting your Andorran hike with a climb in the Funicamp gondola?
It is also possible to stop at the intermediate station of the Funicamp to take a walk in the Cortals valley, where you can admire the peculiarity of its rural and mountainous landscape from where several hiking trails start.

And do not forget, Frontera Blanca customers get a discount for the purchase of tickets to the Funicamp!