The Andorran GRP, also known as the LDP or...

The Andorran GRP, also known as the LDP or Long-Distance Path, is a hiking trail that circumnavigates Andorra. This 74.5mi/120km hike takes approximately one week to complete and takes you through some of Andorra’s most beautiful and remote areas. This Andorran hiking trail provides you with a fantastic opportunity to explore the Principality from a unique perspective while surrounded by incredible flora and fauna. Experience nature at its purest and marvel at its majestic mountain landscapes. The following will provide you with everything you need to know about this mythical Andorran hike as well as essential information about the mountain shelters that will be key assets during your adventure!

The GRP: Andorra’s longest hiking trail

Andorra’s GRP is a hiking trail that circumnavigates the Principality, providing you with 7 rest points with approximately 7.5 to 12.4 miles (12-20km) between each point. Its trail was specifically designed to incorporate 30 Andorran mountain shelters (or Refugi) that are interspersed throughout the Principality.

This famous Andorran hiking trail is carefully marked and designed to give you the chance to enjoying every moment as you discover this country’s unparalleled beauty and lavish landscapes. This hike through Andorra is sure to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Overview of Andorra’s GRP hiking trail

Andorra’s GRP hiking trail (74.5 mi/120 km) runs along the country’s boarder and intersects the GR7, GR11 and the cross-boarder GR1 and 2 trails. Most individuals begin the GRP trail at Aixovall, in the Sant Julia de Loria parish, however many other trail heads exist, including the following:

  • The Bordes d’Envalira, between Soldeu and Grau Roig, located in Encamp
  • The Incles Valley in Canillo
  • The village of Llorts in Ordino

A step-by-step guide to Andorra’s GRP hiking trail

Aixovall – Refugi de Claror

Andorra’s GRP hiking trail is not for the faint of heart and the first day starts out strong with a 15.5mi/25km hike at an altitude of 6,561ft/2,000m that requires a high level of physical fitness! This trail is classified as medium difficulty and climbs up toward the La Rabassa Forest passing through Auvinya and Juberri, finally bringing you to a well-earned rest point at the Roca de Pimes mountain shelter (alt. 7,086ft/2,160m). The trail continues on to the sublime Pic Negre mountain peak (alt. 8,674ft/2,644m) then descends to the Claror mountain shelter (Regugi de Claror) where you will enjoy a rejuvenating night’s sleep!

Refugi de Claror - Refugi de l’Illa

The second day is less strenuous than day one and holds many moments of wonder. This easy-difficulty 6-hour hike covers 7.4m/12km with an altitude difference of 2,296ft/700m and starts at Lake Nou one of the most beautiful lakes in Andorra. The path continues to the Perafita mountain shelter before starting its descent towards the Maiana pass (alt. 7,959ft/2,426m), which opens onto a superb view of the Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley. It should be noted that this path is perfect for a day hiking with the entire family. The Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley spans more than 9,884ac/4,000ha (10% of the country’s surface). This spectacular location was classified a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You can spend the night in either the Riu dels Orris mountain shelter (alt. 7,316ft/2,230m) or continue on to the Illa mountain shelter (alt. 8,136ft/2,480m), one of the largest Refugi or mountain shelters in Andorra. It can accommodate 60 people and meals are available.

Refugi de l’Illa - Pla de les Pedres

This 6-hour medium-difficulty (less than 1,312ft/400m difference in altitude) hike in the Andorran GRP follows a 7.4mi/12km route that brings you to the highest point of the week-long hike – 9,281ft/2,829m above sea level. The descent to the Circ de Pessons (alt. 9,219ft/2,810m) is magnificent and leads you to the Pla de les Pedres mountain shelter.

Pla de les Pedres - Refugi de Juclà

The Juclà mountain shelter at the end of this day’s hike is located on the shores of Lake Jucla, Andorra’s largest lake. The 6mi/10km trail with an altitude difference of 3,280ft/1,000m will take approximately 5 hours to complete. The first part of this hike includes climbing up to Port Dret (alt. 8,415ft/2,565m). This hike is quite steep and requires a great deal of strength and effort so don’t forget to enjoy a hearty breakfast before heading out for the day! The first section of the trail takes you to the Siscaro mountain shelter (alt. 7,036ft/2,145m). After a short rest the trail continues on to the Juclà mountain shelter. During the summer season this shelter provides amenities such as food, beds and showers.

Refugi de Juclà - Refugi Borda de Sorteny

You will need to get a good night’s rest to recuperate from the first half of the week in order to face the trail that is in store for you today - more than 8 hours of hiking covering 12mi/20km and a 4,921ft/1,500m altitude difference. First, the trail leads you to the Cabana Sorda mountain shelter (alt. 7,529ft/2,295 m) it then takes you to Ransol Valley. Here you make take a well-deserved rest at the Coms de Jan mountain shelter before climbing the Collada dels Meners pass (alt. 8,920ft/2,719 m)! Here you reach the Sorteny Valley, which has one of the world’s most unique flora, with more than 700 varieties of plants and flowers. The walk to the Borda de Sorteny mountain shelter is downhill – phew! However, the king of Andorran hikes is far from over…

Refugi Borda de Sorteny - Refugi du Comapedrosa: The highlight of Andorra’s GRP hiking trail

This day of hiking is the steepest of the week - 11.8mi/19km with an accumulated climb of 7,237ft/2,206 m, which is covered in 8 hours. The breathtaking beauty of the Compapedrosa Natural Park at the end of the day’s hike will quickly make you forget your tired limbs. The initial ascent has a gentle incline and brings you to the village of Llorts before continuing on to the Angonella mountain shelter located on the Clot del Cavall peak (alt. 8,484ft/2,586m). The next portion of the trail leads you to the Les Fonts and Pla de l’Estany mountain shelters. After hiking the Font Podrida pass you will find your destination - the Comapedrosa mountain shelter. During the summer a forest ranger is present and restaurant services are available. Here you will spend that night at the foot of the Comapedrosa Mountain (alt. 9,6522ft/2,942 m), the highest point in Andorra.

Refugi du Comapedrosa - Aixovall

This is the last stage of the GRP, Andorra’s most prestigious hiking trail, which will bring you full-circle back to Aixovall. This high-difficulty, 12mi/20km hike has an altitude difference of 4,340ft/1,323m and takes more than 8 hours to complete. The climb takes you to the Port Vell and Coll de la Botella passes and requires a high-skill level. Once you cross the Collada de Montaner pass, your final challenge will bring you to the peak of Enclar and the Bony de la Plica (alt. 7,890ft/2,405m). The very end of this trail brings you on a descent towards the Portell de les Comes, the village of Aixàs, la Margineda and your finishing point - Aixovall. Some may define this as an incredibly active holiday, but an unforgettable one!

Andorra’s mountain shelters: details and locations

The 7-day GRP hike consists of stages whose daily objective is to reach the next mountain shelter scattered throughout Andorra’s stunning landscape in order to get a rejuvenating night’s sleep. All of the Principality’s mountain shelters can be visited during this week-long hike!

Andorra’s mountain shelters

Since Andorra’s mountain shelters (or Refugi) are an integral part of the GRP, and they provide you with a place to rest and rebuild one’s strength, we have provided you with the following comprehensive list of the Principality’s 29 mountain shelters, 6 of which are manned by rangers.

We have also provided you with their geographical coordinates so that you can easily find them using a GPS device.

Manned shelters

Refugi Comapedrosa - La Massana
AD400 La Massana
Tel: (+376) 850 656 / 327 955
GPS: Long. 01:27:00 Lat. 42:34:44

Refugi de Jucla - Canillo
Vall d’Incles, AD100 Canillo
Tel: (+376) 678 145
GPS: Long. 01:42:59 Lat. 42:36:27

Refugi Natur Refugi Cortals de Sispony - La Massana
Ctra. dels Cortals de Sispony
AD400 La Massana
Tel: (+376) 738 363 Fax: (+376) 836 500
GPS Long. 01:29:11 Lat. 42:31:37

Refugi Borda de Sorteny - Ordino
Camí de Sorteny, El Serrat
AD300 Ordino
Tel: (+376) 846 446
GPS: Long. 01:33:53 Lat. 42:37:21

Refugi Borda de les Reineres d’Incles - Canillo
Incles, AD100 Canillo
Tel.: (+376) 322 844 / 325 261
GPS: Long. 01:40:50 Lat. 42:36:07

Refugi de l’Illa - Encamp
Vall del Madriu-Perfafita-Claror
AD200 Encamp
Tel: (+376) 875 707
GPS: Long. 01:39:26 Lat. 42:29:42

Andorra’s other mountain shelters (unmanned)

Refugi de l’Angonella
GPS: Long. 01:29:45 Lat. 42:36:29

Refugi de Rialb
GPS: Long. 01:33:43 Lat. 42:38:25

Refugi de Comaubaga
GPS: Long. 01:33:04 Lat. 42:36:24

Cabana de la Vall del Riu
GPS: Long. 01:36:50 Lat. 42:35:44

Cabana Cóms de Jan
GPS: Long. 01:38:22 Lat. 42:37:06

Refugi de Cabana Sorda
GPS: Long. 01:40:23 Lat. 42:36:41

Cabana de Siscaro
GPS: Long. 01:42:24 Lat. 42:35:42

Cabana de la Portella
GPS: Long. 01:43:16 Lat. 42:34:19

Refugi de Ribaescorjada
GPS: Long. 01:38:31 Lat. 42:34:03

Refugi Pla de les Pedres
GPS: Long. 01:40:46 Lat. 42:33:13

Refugi de Montmalus
GPS: Long. 01:40:53 Lat. 42:29:57

Refugi de Fontverd
GPS: Long. 01:35:43 Lat. 42:29:31

Refugi dels Agols
GPS: Long. 01:36:35 Lat. 42:30:40

Refugi d’Ensagents
GPS: Long. 01:38:34 Lat. 42:31:01

Refugi Riu dels Orris
GPS: Long. 01:38:26 Lat. 42:29:06

Refugi de Perafita
GPS: Long. 01:34:44 Lat. 42:28:47

Refugi de Claror
GPS: Long. 01:33:53 Lat. 42:28:12

Refugi de Prat Primer
GPS: Long. 01:33:03 Lat. 42:28:42

Refugi de Roca de Pimes
GPS: Long. 01:32:11 Lat. 42:26:01

Refugi de Francoli
GPS: Long. 01:25:37 Lat. 42:29:24

Refugi de Les Fonts
GPS: Long. 01:28:47 Lat. 42:35:24

Refugi Pla de l’Estany
GPS: Long. 01:27:40 Lat. 42:35:38

Refugi de Besali
GPS: Long. 01:32:98 Lat. 42:37:67

Refugi Collet Marti
GPS: Long. 01:28:96 Lat. 42:28:14

Advice from Frontera Blanca

Even if the hikes do not pose a specific obstacle, especially in terms of safety, be aware that they are still recommended for physically fit individuals. Some portions of the hikes involve great differences in altitude and range greatly in difficulty. Before embarking on Andorra’s GRP hiking trail, do not forget to pick up a map of Andorra’s mountain shelters (available at the Principality’s tourist offices) and to check the topography of each stage. The ideal way to explore Andorra is with an experienced guide or a person who has already travelled this route, which is very popular with many explorers!

Feel free to contact the following for further information:
Andorra’s Tourist Guide Association: (+376) 683 027 / 683 029
Andorra’s National Tourist Office:
Plaça de la Rotonda
AD500 Andorra la Vella
Tel: +376 750 100

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