The 9th UNWTO Congress, organized in Andorra, will focus on Snow and mountain tourism

From 2nd to 4th March, Andorra will host the 9th UNWTO, World Tourism Organization’s Congress. Many international experts will discuss the theme "Snow and mountain tourism" during this edition called "Mountainlikers - Sport and adventure, a promising combination for mountain holiday destinations".

The program of the 2016 Andorran edition of the UNWTO’s annual convention

It is in Sant Juliá de Loria in Andorra that the participants of the ninth annual UNWTO congress will arrive and debate from 2nd to 4th March.

Many debates will focus on the following topics:

  • Development of mountain tourism,
  • Analysis of new business models,
  • Opportunities and challenges associated with snow and mountain tourism,
  • Innovative and sustainable practices.

Andorra and UNWTO side by side

It is not unusual for the congress to be held in Andorra since the rise of "snow and mountain tourism" in Andorra has naturally led to a close cooperation between the Principality and the UNWTO
for almost twenty years.

Francesc Camp, the Minister of Tourism and Commerce of the Principality of Andorra, recently spoke of the importance for Andorra of snow tourism: "adventure tourism is one of the fastest growing segments of Andorra: it is an important asset and a key element of growth. It offers, in addition, many development opportunities for holiday destinations wishing to stimulate growth that is sustainable over time."

Snow and mountain: the centre of Andorran tourism

This conference should allow stakeholders in the public and private sectors to share their experiences while studying innovative tools dedicated to mountain tourism. More than thirty experts from around the world will intervene on these issues and identify the factors to be considered by the stakeholders of mountain tourism and the development opportunities.

Andorra: tourism is climbing

Organized by the city of Sant Julià de Lòria (not far from the Spanish border), the event will be clearly focused on "Sports and adventure tourism", one of the new paths to explore by the mountain holiday destinations and stakeholders in tourism. This would allow to extend the tourist season beyond the usual winter one associated with snow, by developing their tourism potential in other directions the rest of the year. Pioneer in the field, Andorra is now recognized as a leading holiday destination for mountain bikers and other mountain activity addicts.