Carmen Thyssen Museum: what to do and see while you’re in Andorra in summer

You’ve decided to come to Andorra this summer and still wonder what to do and see during your stay? The newly open Thyssen Museum is the answer to your quest! You will have the pleasure to discover the wonders of impressionism in a natural environment. From Matisse to Monet, the masters of art have found their best exhibition sport thanks to the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Andorra. An exciting visit awaits you this summer in the Principality!

Thyssen Museum in Andorra, the unmissable visit

What to do and see while you’re in Andorra: discover the wonders of the Carmen Thyssen Museum

Art and culture welcome you during your visit to Andorra. The Carmen Thyssen Museum is located on the ground floor of the Valira Hotel in Escaldes-Engordany. This building full of history hosts one of the most incredible collections of art pieces from the 19th and 20th centuries. Wondering what to do during your stay in Andorra this summer? The answer is certainly the Andorran version of the Thyssen Museum.

The collection that graces the walls of the Thyssen Museum will transform your visit of Andorra into an unforgettable experience. Indeed, the 500 square meters of the Andorran museum is dedicated to the most worldwide renown masters of impressionism. Art lovers but also neophytes will be fascinated by the extensive collection that the Thyssen Museum in Andorra has to offer. Impressionism is not the only art movement you’ll see: cubism, fauvism and Catalan modernism will transport you to a universe where art is king.

Opening hours
Tuesday to Saturday: 10 am to 7 pm
Sunday: 10 am to 2 pm
Closed Monday

General: 9,00 €
Reduced rate: 5,00 €

What to see in Andorra?

If you are looking for what to see or do in Andorra during your stay, the best answer is the Thyssen Museum! Your Andorran visit will be enhanced by the artistic and cultural atmosphere that emanates from each rock, each wall of the Thyssen Museum in Andorra. The baroness Carmen Thyssen has brought from her museum in Madrid some of the most beautiful pieces to be displayed prominently in the main room of exhibition of the Andorran museum.
In this unique space where art is king, everything that you do in Andorra takes another dimension, much more stunning than previously. This surprising experience will transport you undoubtedly in another world where each artist, each country, each art movement opens the doors to a universe of stunning beauty.
As you wander in the Andorran museum, you will be caught within the temporary exhibitions and the ones belonging to the private collection of the baroness Carmen Thyssen. Whatever your experience and knowledge of art, the high-tech equipment offered by the Thyssen Museum in Andorra will guarantee to your visit what Andorra does best in art and culture. Thus, you will have touch screens that will guide you throughout your visit within this incredible art gallery, giving you clear and complete information about the pieces of art exhibited but also on the artists and movements to which these masterpieces belong.

Discover the jewels of the Thyssen Andorran Museum

Neophyte or aesthete, you will sublimate your visit to the Principality by coming into the world of the Andorran Thyssen Museum. You will discover that the country overflows with museums, art galleries and other exceptional spots testifying to the ubiquity of art, culture, and heritage in Andorra. The Thyssen Museum shows then that Andorra is recognized as the capital of art and cultural heritage, so much that it is the country that has the highest density of museums per capita! This cultural and artistic omnipresence is skillfully conjugated with the Middle-Ages history that is found in the architecture of Andorra.

Carmen Cervera Thyssen: aesthete and passionate of Andorra

If Carmen Cervera Thyssen has chosen Andorra to display her private art collection, creating at the same time the Thyssen Museum, is because the Baroness has a deep passion for the cultural wealth that Andorra has to offer. From its architecture to the landscapes, the entire principality is full of jewels both surprising and exquisite. Nowadays, the Baroness lives in Andorra with her son, the way her late husband did. Widow of the Baron Hans Heinrich von Thyssen-Bornemisza recognised aesthete and patron of the arts, she is an ambassador for the culture and art all around Europe. The Andorran Thyssen Museum is thus the third institution she creates after the ones in Malaga and Sant Feliu de Guixols, both in Spain.

PassMuseu: the cultural Andorran passport

PassMuseu, the best way to see everything in the Andorran Principality

The Andorran government wishes to give to all the access to this cultural luxuriance by creating the PassMuseu.
This nominative pass costs 2.50€ and allows you to discover most Andorran museums for a reduced price. Indeed, the PassMuseu will help enhance your visit by indicating you what to do and see in Andorra, and which museums to visit in each of the seven parish of the country. Better than a guide, this booklet that sits in your pocket lists all the museums, art galleries and emblematic spots that are part of the heritage of the Principality of Andorra. The PassMuseu also allows you to have a 50% reduction on the entrance of 3 Andorran museums to be chosen among the ones participating in the initiative.

Little inventory of the museums accessible with your PassMuseu

Your visit to Andorra this summer will be marked with culture and art. Don’t forget your PassMuseu that will give you access to some incredible museums and art galleries such as the Andorran version of the Thyssen Museum.
Find below the list of museums that are accessible with your PassMuseu at a discounted price:

  • Museum of motos
  • National Museum of automobile
  • Ethnographic Museum (Casa Cristo)
  • Museum of Sacred Art
  • Museum of electricity
  • Mill & Sawmill of Cal Pal
  • Center of Nature of La Cortinada
  • Casa d’Areny-Plandolit Museum
  • Post Museum
  • Museum of miniatures
  • Center of interpretation of Andorran Romanic Art
  • Museum Casa Rull
  • Interpretation center of the Rossell Forge
  • Comic Museum
  • Museum of Tabacco
  • Museum of Perfume
  • Center of art of Escaldes-Engordany