Encamp Summer 2020.

During this summer 2020, and until September 15, the Encamp Community organizes various guided routes among its ancient cultural heritage.

This parish located in the centre of our beautiful country, enjoys a wonderful and strategic enclave, which has given it a plus throughout all these centuries.

The maximum capacity of the groups will be reduced following the sanitary indications due to Covid19

These guided routes are carried out in the following cultural heritage:


Casa Cristo:

It takes the visitor to Andorra in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. And more specifically, to the humblest stratum of society at the time, since this construction was inhabited by a family of landless laborers. This three-storey town house was renovated at the end of the last century, but it has maintained its distribution and its most important elements as testimony to a way of life that has already passed.


Historical complex of Sant Romà de les Bons:

It is located on a rock in the town of Les Bons, in Encamp, Andorra. This set is made up of the Romanesque Church of Sant Romà (which dates from the 12th century), a SXIII watchtower, a water tank with an irrigation circuit carved out of the rock, a fortified house of civil architecture from the 17th century and two dovecotes.


Orri del Cubil:

The Orri are simple constructions that were used until the beginning of the 20th century to keep sheep farming. This Orri is believed to have been built in the 18th century.

The function of the Orri was not only to guard the flock, but also to be able to welcome the shepherd during the summer while the flock grazed in the mountains.


And the traditional urban centres of the parish.



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In Andorra, the Three Nations park, the largest natural park in the Pyrenees!

In Andorra, the Three Nations park. Andorra, Spain and France: a common brand for 4 natural parks in the Pyrenees

In Andorra, the Three Nations park.

Two main objectives are clearly shown
It’s official: the Pyrenean Natural Park of the Three Nations was officially born at the end of August. Specifically, it brings together the following four natural parks in Spain, France and Andorra in a single entity:
The Natural Park of Alt Pirineu (Spain),
The Ariégeoises Regional Pyrenees Natural Park (France)
The natural parks of the Sorteny Valley and the Comapedrosa Valley (Andorra).
As the director of the Regional Natural Park of the Pyrenees Ariège, Matthieu Cruège, highlights, the main objective of the creation of the Pyrenean Natural Park of the Three Nations is to better promote this area, as well as its protection, particularly in terms of biodiversity (fauna, flora , etc.) of what is now one of the largest high mountain areas in Europe.


Other specific goals

The creation of the Pyrenean Natural Park of the Three Nations also aims to help its various agents to improve the joint tourism promotion of the territory thus defined (for example, the highlighting of the many hiking trails in Andorra, such as the famous GRP, in Spain and Ariège), to promote its socio-economic dynamics and facilitate exchanges in terms of sustainable development and natural heritage.

To meet these specifications, the arrival of the largest natural park in the Pyrenees provides a legal and political framework for the actions of project leaders. All while taking advantage of existing structures related to the 4.

Zoom over the Pyrenean Natural Park of the Three Nations

The Pyrenean Natural Park of the Three Nations covers exactly 428,700 hectares and 158 municipalities in Catalonia (15), Andorra (2) and France (141). If, during your stay in the Principality, you embark on some of the most prestigious hiking trails in the Sorteny or Comapedrosa valleys, you can move to the new Pyrenean Natural Park of the Three Nations.

The origins of the Three Nations Pyrenean Natural Park project

The new cross-border space stems from the passion of the region’s specialist, Ariégeois Michel Sébastien, who died unfortunately in 2016. The latter was one of the main initiators and promoters of the Three Nations Pyrenean Natural Park, such as André Rouch, president of the National Park Pyrénées Ariégeoises, remember it rightly.

A new playground for hikers

Current and future joint actions

There are already joint actions between the different parties, such as cross-border meetings initiated within the framework of the Interreg Poctefa Green, a project funded by European funds.
The exchanges are already fruitful
Regularly, Catalan producers come to Castillon-en-Couserans to discover their cheeses, and Ariège producers also visit regularly. Will trekking specialists in Andorra follow the same path to give their Catalan counterparts the magnificent beauty of the landscapes of the Principality and vice versa? This, in any case, is another idea of cooperation, such as those designed to define a common image in order to facilitate the reception of tourists and economic exchanges within the Pyrenean Natural Park of the Three Nations.

A UNESCO candidate to capture

UNESCO on the 2020-2021 horizon
The leaders of the Pyrenean Natural Park of the Three Nations also publish their goal of running for UNESCO for 2020-2021, for classification as a cross-border biosphere reserve. This would be a first for the Pyrenean chain!
An even more valued practice
The Park of the Three Nations includes the Natural Park of the Alt Pirineu in Catalonia, the Regional Natural Park of the Pyrenees of Ariège and the Natural Parks of the Sorteny Valley and the Comapedrosa Valley in Andorra. During their multiple trips along the paths of the Principality, nature and hiking enthusiasts will have long realized the importance of preserving natural spaces by protecting the biodiversity of the area and adapting economic practices and resource models Environmentally friendly humans.

This possible recognition by UNESCO would definitely validate the excellence of the Three Nations Pyrenean Natural Park project.
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Frontera Blanca Group ski holidays in Grandvalira Pas de la Casa

Frontera Blanca Group ski holidays in Grandvalira Pas de la Casa

Frontera Blanca Group ski holidays in Grandvalira Pas de la Casa

With the arrival of autumn and the fall of the leaves of the trees the next winter season is already visible.

In Frontera Blanca we are specialists in the management of all types of groups of all nationalities and ages.

This is the case of the RDS Events groups, which every year organizes a Snowbreak in Pas de la Casa Frontera Blanca the last days of January and first days of February of each year.

This tour operator specializes in amazing holiday destinations and in a different, daring and fun way to live the holidays in the snow.

In their annual gala of 2019, they rewarded us as their best collaborator of the 2018-2019 winter season.

The trust generated between the two has allowed for the next winter 2019-2020 to propose our apartments in Frontera Blanca again, as your best accommodation in Grandvalira Pas de la Casa.





The stations of the country come together to create the product Andorra 3 Parks.

Grandvalira, Naturlandia and Pal-Arinsal have signed the first agreement for the joint marketing of the Andorra 3 Parks product. It is a pass that aims to help families enjoy our small country, also promoting the destination Andorra and its nature.
Andorra 3 Parks will be the new joint product that will include various activities to enjoy at the Vallnord – Pal Arinsal, Naturlandia and Grandvalira stations. It is a joint package that can be used from August 1 to September 13, 2020 and will offer the possibility of carrying out activities in the three domains.
In Vallnord – Pal Arinsal the client will be able to take advantage of an up and down trip in the La Massana gondola lift and a karting race. For its part, Naturlandia will include two activities: at elevation 1600, Airtrekk with a zip line descent and at elevation 2000, access to the Animal Park. Finally, Grandvalira will also offer a ride up and down the Canillo gondola lift with access to the Magical Gliss alpine slide. This non-consecutive ski pass can be purchased online via the web or at any of the ticket offices of the three stations with a launch price of € 49 per unit.
During the summer, the three seasons offer all kinds of services for the client aimed at enjoying nature in the mountains in an alternative way. It is the first time that these three entities join together to offer a joint product in Andorra during the summer and it is expected to have continuity for the coming years.
From Frontera Blanca we join this effort made by the 3 domains of the country, and we offer to manage these reservations for free to our clients.


Frontera Blanca summer Covid ready

Frontera Blanca summer Covid ready

Frontera Blanca summer Covid ready

First, we want you and your entire family to be in good health and unaffected by the Covid19 pandemic.

After a few months of uncertainties, Frontera Blanca is pleased to announce that it will be opening the summer 2020 on July 4, as Andorra is a Free Covid19 destination.

We thus synchronize with all the sectors and tourist actors in our country to be able to offer our clients all the unique experiences that our tourist destination offers:

-Pas de la Casa Sports Center

-Soldeu Golf

-Electric train from Incles

-Magic Park of Grandvalira in Canillo

-Canillo Ice Rink

-Viewpoint of the Roc del Quer on the road from Canillo to Ordino, Coll d’Ordino.

-Funicamp in Encamp



At Frontera Blanca we have already implemented all the safety and hygiene measures related to the health situation caused by Covid19.

Our staff works according to the physical distance criteria established by the Andorran Government, they are protected with a mask and gloves; They follow the criteria of sanitary security to be able to offer all our clients the tranquillity of enjoying a safe and pleasant holiday.

Our reception has established an internal and external circuit to ensure these hygiene measures and personal distance, we have also installed partitions to ensure we offer the maximum possible security.

Hydroalcoholic gel is available for our clients at the entrance of our reception.

All the clothes in the apartments and studios have been professionally washed at temperatures above 60 degrees and individually packaged, this ensures that there will be no contagion of any kind.

Our studios and apartments have been thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and sanitized following the recommendations and laws that the Andorran Government has established for their use.

This cleaning process is done with each new client.

We offer all our clients the possibility of checking in early and reducing personal contact as much as possible to guarantee their safety.

At Frontera Blanca we care about our clients.

We are looking forward to helping you to enjoy a vacation as you deserve.



Frontera Blanca in summer

Frontera Blanca in summer 2020.

The Frontera Blanca tourist apartments will open their doors for the new summer season 2020 on July 1, 2020.

During the months of July and August all our staff will be at your disposal so that you can enjoy your holidays in our small country.

The Principality of Andorra has been one of the countries less affected by the Covid19 pandèmic, has taken strong measures to guarantee the safety and health of all its citizens and visitors, and is now in a position to offer one of the safest holiday destinations in all over Europe.

The Frontera Blanca apartments and studios have an extra security level of health that hotels do not have, they are private spaces, they avoid possible contagions and offer greater sanitary security.

Frontera Blanca staff have taken the most restrictive measures during these months to guarantee their health security, and during our opening this summer, we will follow the recommendations of the Andorran government, as well as the measures that the World Health Organization (WHO ) decide as necessary for our activity and your security and tranquility.

From Frontera Blanca we want to offer all our clients the possibility to visit us this summer and enjoy our unique mountain environment just over 2,000 meters above sea level, and thus be able to enjoy the outdoors after so many months of confinement.

Thus, all reservations made on our website that use the following Code:


All reservations will have a 15% discount on the price.

To use this Code, you only have to follow the steps indicated by the website to formalize the reservation, and in the last step you will find a space to enter this Code, the discount will be applied automatically.

The entire team at Frontera Blanca wishes you the best for these difficult days.