Frontera Blanca in summer

Frontera Blanca in summer 2020.

The Frontera Blanca tourist apartments will open their doors for the new summer season 2020 on July 1, 2020.

During the months of July and August all our staff will be at your disposal so that you can enjoy your holidays in our small country.

The Principality of Andorra has been one of the countries less affected by the Covid19 pandèmic, has taken strong measures to guarantee the safety and health of all its citizens and visitors, and is now in a position to offer one of the safest holiday destinations in all over Europe.

The Frontera Blanca apartments and studios have an extra security level of health that hotels do not have, they are private spaces, they avoid possible contagions and offer greater sanitary security.

Frontera Blanca staff have taken the most restrictive measures during these months to guarantee their health security, and during our opening this summer, we will follow the recommendations of the Andorran government, as well as the measures that the World Health Organization (WHO ) decide as necessary for our activity and your security and tranquility.

From Frontera Blanca we want to offer all our clients the possibility to visit us this summer and enjoy our unique mountain environment just over 2,000 meters above sea level, and thus be able to enjoy the outdoors after so many months of confinement.

Thus, all reservations made on our website that use the following Code:


All reservations will have a 15% discount on the price.

To use this Code, you only have to follow the steps indicated by the website to formalize the reservation, and in the last step you will find a space to enter this Code, the discount will be applied automatically.

The entire team at Frontera Blanca wishes you the best for these difficult days.

Frontera Blanca statement

Frontera Blanca statement

Frontera Blanca statement.

On March 16, 2020, the property and management of Frontera Blanca has made the decision to close its tourist apartments from this day, due to the exceptional situation in which we are immersed.
First to protect the health and safety of all our workers and clients and their respective families; and on the other, to comply with the recommendations and advice sent by the different governments and as a sign of responsibility towards Andorra and the rest of the countries, since we are clear that it is the best way to help reduce the exposure and transmission of this virus. no effective vaccine today.
From now on, the staff of our offices will work in shifts and behind closed doors without more than 2 people ever meeting in the same space and respecting 1 square meter of distance following the recommendations of the Andorran government.
All this to attend to our guests who have a reservation after today’s date and who want to manage their cancellation or change for other dates.
The hours of our offices and customer service will be from Monday to Thursday from 9am to 6pm, and Friday from 9am to 2pm; To contact us you can call the phone number: 00376 755 000 or write an e-mail to
From Frontera Blanca we want to express our gratitude to the staff for the effort they make; and to the workers and clients for their understanding of this exceptional situation that we are experiencing.
We show our solidarity to all those who have family or friends affected by Covid19, as well as to all the medical personnel who fight tirelessly and tirelessly this pandemic, hoping to win this battle soon and that everything will return to normal.



Andorra guarantees medical treatment for a possible case of coronavirus


The Government of Andorra informs that in the face of the situation of COVID-19, it has established the health protocols for the early detection and protection in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization. All the recommended actions have been taken and the country is ready to deal with these situations, which include a protocolized response and the availability of the optimal healthcare resources and resources to care for the affected and to deal with any other possible case. to be detected in the country. 

To date, the only case diagnosed has been with a contagion that occurred outside our borders. Andorra is not currently a place where community-wide transmission of the disease is taking place. At the moment it is a safe place for our visitors and the tourist activity is developing normally. 

It must also be remembered that the protocols and recommendations, established by the Advisory Board on Infectious Pathology, the SAAS nosocomial Infections group and techniques in the Area of ​​Health Prevention, Promotion and Surveillance, are constantly updated and updated. they adapt what is being set out by international organizations. Similarly, the health authorities are always in contact with the international network in order to transfer information from the different cases and share the information necessary for their monitoring and control. 

Health care at 116 

In case of any possible symptomatology tourists or visitors who are on vacation in Andorra can call 116. 

The Government of Andorra recommends asymptomatic people from the areas where community transmission has been shown to follow the precautionary measures that can be found at


Ski Andorra informs

Ski Andorra, on behalf of Vallnord – Pal Arinsal, Grandvalira and Ordino Arcalís, would like to inform you that at present we keep skiing: the Andorran ski areas are regularly open, our teams keep working with any incidences and according to the sanity international measures.

Although the ski resorts are open-air areas, all users are fitted with gloves, and contact between people and agglomerations is minimal, but the resorts are taking precautionary measures based on common sense.

You can have access to the lifts, to the slopes and the services are guaranteed; the accommodation facilities are open and glad to welcome all the guests.

We really care about the safety of our guests, which is our priority, and we follow the current ordinances of the Andorra Government as well. At this moment, the situation is under control and our ski resorts and country are not considered a risk area.


Travelbase snowbreak Grandvalira Fronterablanca

Travelbase snowbreak Grandvalira Fronterablanca

Travelbase snowbreak Grandvalira Fronterablanca
On February 8, 2020, this year’s edition ended at the Andorran Grandvalira station in the town of Pas de la Casa, which is organized every year by the company RDS Events (Travelbase).
In Frontera Blanca, we have welcomed more than 650 participants of this successful edition of the year 2020.
For 1 week, the Town of Pas de la Casa, has been full of more than 2,000 young adults from Belgium who have spent an incredible week of vacation.
This year, like the previous ones, it has been a great success, since the weather has been excellent; with many sunny days, pleasant temperatures.
The snow fallen abundantly a few days before has allowed them to enjoy the beautiful, have great memories and wonderful experiences to take to their country.
This company is a specialist in organizing unique events for this type of client, and this year we have been surprised again by its fantastic organization and willingness to improve and that everything went the same or better than expected.
During these vacations, they not only ski or snowboard at the Grandvalira station in the Principality of Andorra; If not, they also perform various activities during your stay.
Every day on the slopes while skiing, they have prepared an activity, some of them very fun.
This year they have given them Santa Claus and banana costumes and for 2 days they have organized skiing activities proposing the participants to dress up.
Another day, they set up an inflatable church and proposed the participants to disguise themselves according to this theme.
Every night they have had activity, since this year they have set up a tent to celebrate their parties until 2 in the morning, this has allowed their participants to be together and having fun without disturbing the neighbors or families that were in the town.
From the White Frontier we would like to thank you for trusting us again as a reference in Pas de la Casa and Andorra.


Christmas in Frontera Blanca in Pas de la Casa Grandvalira

The parish of Encamp will carry out various activities during the Christmas holidays suitable for all ages. In these marked dates, the Commune invites everyone from Encamp and Pas de la Casa to participate in various traditional events.
Various craft workshops will also be available to the children of the parish.
On the 23rd of December at 4 pm in the Pas de la Casa Communal Library there will be a storytelling aimed at children from 6 years old, in which you will read riddles, poems and sayings and sing songs.
However, on December 30 at 4 pm in the library of the Pas de la Casa, children will be able to participate in a Christmas workshop in which they will make Kings crowns.
On Christmas day, December 24, the little ones in the house will be able to attend the Santa Claus parade, which will be accompanied by a parade, which will parade through the streets of Pas de la Casa (from eight in the evening).
In the same way, in the evening the traditional Mass of the Gall will be celebrated, at 19.30 in the church of the Pas de la Casa.
In addition, during the Christmas holidays children will enjoy the Children’s and Youth’s Hall of Andorra, which is held in Pas de la Casa (from 3 to 5 January).
On January 5, for the children of the parish there will be the Cavalcade of the Magi.
At Pas de la Casa, it will begin at seven in the afternoon, with torches down the slopes, and the subsequent cavalcade of Kings, until you reach the Sports Center of Pas de la Casa.
If you want more information just click on the following link:

We start the new winter season 2019/2020

We start the new winter season 2019/2020

The first snowfall is the prelude to “Winter is coming”.

That is why, in Frontera Blanca, we have been preparing the next winter season 2019/2020 for several months so that all our clients can enjoy winter sports and their vacations more and better.

This year we have several novelties designed to satisfy our customers.

We have renovated more than 50% of the mattresses of our studios and apartments; sleep and rest well are essential to give the maximum in our days of skiing or snowboarding.

This year we offer all our clients the possibility of checking in a few days before their arrival, with the fast check-in.

All our clients will receive in their e-mail a few days before arriving all the information to make this process faster, and that upon arrival they only have to collect the keys of the studio and / or apartment; less waste of time in this process, and more time for your vacation.

We have reduced the capacity of some studios and / or apartments, more and better space for a better stay.

We have new Keycards to enter our accommodation.

This year, we also have a massage service that can be hired in Frontera Blanca, within the same gallery.

Frontera Blanca remains the official selling point of:




So, no time is wasted queuing anywhere.

We have changed 3 elevators of different blocks: block 1, block 4 and block 6.

Automatic access doors to the building’s galleries have been changed, the new ones are safer and more reliable.

Surveillance and fire systems have been improved, to increase and give more and better security to our customers.

Frontera Blanca Group ski holidays in Grandvalira Pas de la Casa

Frontera Blanca Group ski holidays in Grandvalira Pas de la Casa

With the arrival of autumn and the fall of the leaves of the trees the next winter season is already visible.

In Frontera Blanca we are specialists in the management of all types of groups of all nationalities and ages.

This is the case of the RDS Events groups, which every year organizes a Snowbreak in Pas de la Casa Frontera Blanca the last days of January and first days of February of each year.

This tour operator specializes in amazing holiday destinations and in a different, daring and fun way to live the holidays in the snow.

In their annual gala of 2019, they rewarded us as their best collaborator of the 2018-2019 winter season.

The trust generated between the two has allowed for the next winter 2019-2020 to propose our apartments in Frontera Blanca again, as your best accommodation in Grandvalira Pas de la Casa

Border between France and Andorra in the Pas de la Casa: where is it located?

Troubles around the France / Andorra border

Stretching about 55 kilometers south of France between the departments of Ariège and the Pyrenees Orientales, the France / Andorra border crosses the Andorran parishes of La Massana, Ordino, Canillo and Encamp. On the road, the only crossing point between the two countries is located in El Pas de la Casa, a town of the Principality that culminates at about 2,000 meters, by the pass of the Port d’Envalira.

Centuries of good coexistence without obstacles

In 2012, after years of good neighborhood without any text or any document that specifically establishes the symbolic barrier between the two states, France and Andorra have decided to officially delimit their borders via the signing of a border agreement. But at the time of the final decision, the small municipality of Porta, located in the Eastern Pyrenees, has expressed its disapproval of the route.

France / Andorra border questioning

The establishment of the France / Andorra border does not achieve unanimity in Porta. The reasons for the anger of the French people? A reduction in the area of their land generating a brake on the expansion of their tourism projects. The French municipality has expressed dissatisfaction with the initiative in progress.

France / Andorra border: the municipality of Porta denounce

This piece of altitude territory located around the Pas de la Casa is strategically revealed to the extent that it hosts one of the sources of Ariège, which allows a fairly wide area to be fed in water. However, the municipality of Porta planned to build shortly, in this precise place, a hotel project containing 300 accommodations. With the new layout of the border between France and Andorra, it is possible then that Porta loses control over the sources in Ariège, a major inconvenience because these sources are considered necessary to feed future accommodation.

The Pas de la Casa, crossroads of the Pyrenees with multiple advantages

Apart from the natural resources and the great environment from which the Pas de la Casa benefits, we have to admit that the first Andorran people after the Franco-Andorran border benefit from many virtues. The reasons for success that cannot be denied.
Summer as winter, its ideal location and geographical location attract visitors seeking authenticity and large spaces. From November to March, its altitude gives it a blanket of quality snow while its sunny weather allows you to enjoy the joys of winter sports in an atmosphere of the brightest. Accessible from the Pas de la Casa, the Grandvalira ski station is part of the most famous in Europe and offers snow fans the largest ski area in the Pyrenees (210 km of pistes)!
Non-exhaustive list of the multiple strengths of the Pas de la Casa
In the Pas de la Casa in Andorra, every month of the year, your holidays will necessarily be successful. Here is a summary of the attractions of the town located on the border between France and Andorra:
• An offer of consistent and excellent quality accommodation for all budgets (hotels, apartments, etc.),
• The practice of the excursion in a great environment thanks to the numerous high mountain trails marked and accessible for all levels of practice,
• A wide range of sports leisures, such as skiing in winter or mountain biking in summer,
• The discovery of a culture and heritage of precious wealth, typical of Andorra (monuments, museums, parties, etc.),
• Incredible and incomparable purchasing conditions, the Principality benefits from a low level of appraisal of merchandise: alcohol, cigarettes, gastronomy, jewelry, luxury, perfume, ready-to-wear, etc.
And why not invest in Andorra in the Pas de la Casa?
Destination in vogue, the Pas de la Casa attracts tourists today but also investors. More and more people do not hesitate to settle in Andorra to enjoy fully attractive living conditions. It has to be recognized that the conditions for obtaining resident status are quite simple. In addition, real estate profitability is currently very high in Pas de la Casa. If you want more information on this subject, do not hesitate to contact Frontera Blanca, a real estate agency specializing in transactions in Andorra and especially in the Pas de la Casa.
Historic walkways between countries. The co-princes of Andorra.
We hope that the controversy related to the layout of the border between France and Andorra, at the level of the Pas de la Casa, will end quickly. Indeed it would be a shame if good relations between France and Andorra deteriorated after so many centuries of cordial understanding, especially that the history of the two countries is closely linked. The Principality has also managed to be in close collaboration with Spain. The borders between Andorra, France and Spain have been drawn in the 1860s, mainly during the Treaty of Bayonne (1866).
The origins of the Principality date from the time of Charlemagne, in 780, and are based on an unprecedented system, the pariah, a contract of feudal law that grants the distribution of the Andorran throne to two co-princes: the Catalan bishop d’Urgell and the chief of the French State (at the beginning the County of Foix).
Political system
In Andorra, the executive branch is secured by the head of the Government, the General Council, an assembly that includes a joint representation of the population that is distributed in the 7 parishes: Canillo, Encamp, Ordino, La Massana, Andorra al Vieja (capital ), Sant Julia de Loria and Escaldes-Engordany. Each of these parishes is administered by two “Consols” that every 4 years elect the members that meet in the General Council.

Visit Andorra in sidecars, a new activity to do in the Pas de la Casa!

What to do in El Pas de la Casa?

Come here for skiing, shopping, mountain biking or for excursions, summer and winter, the opportunities to enjoy in Andorra are not lacking! And why not enjoy your stay in El Pas de Casa to venture into this fabulous territory, among the extraordinary landscapes offered by the Andorran Pyrenees? Do not ask yourself more to do in El Pas de la Casa, now you can visit Andorra in sidecars, an experience full of emotions!
Visit Andorra in sidecar
Classic Side Tour proposes you to board this authentic and original vehicle to visit Andorra and discover the most beautiful tourist places in the Principality. Only, with your partner, your family or your friends, you will have the possibility to book your trip for the duration you want, from 1h to a full day! Original and unique feelings to share!
Discover new sensations aboard the sidecar! Whether it is installed behind the pilot or inside the sidecar basket, the sensations are different, but always so surprising and intense. For your experience to be complete, Classic Side Tour offers you the possibility to exchange your place with your partner during the ride, on condition that you respect the balance of the vehicle. A fun activity to visit Andorra open to children … and animals!
New unusual activity to visit Andorra, the Classic Side Tour sidecars are destined for the whole family and children from 5 years old can come, accompanied by an adult and necessarily sitting in the sidecar basket.
Children from 8 years old can sit behind the rider on the motorcycle, with the permission of the parents!
Sidecars can also be made with your pets. Do not leave your dog alone and take it with you to discover the breathtaking landscapes of Andorra and take in the fresh air!
Varied and original itineraries to do in El Pas de la Casa and surroundings …
1 hour to 1 day
Excursions from 3 hours can start in El Pas de la Casa, for the others, you will have to go to a collection point, the closest to the Pas de la Casa is the beautiful town of Soldeu, only 15 minutes from the Pas by the road. What to do in El Pas de la Casa? Discovering the impressive and mountainous landscapes of the Principality will leave you with an imperishable memory.
But can you do sidecar in winter in El Pas de la Casa?
The proposed itineraries range from 2 to 29km, and offer varied landscapes, depending on the valleys, the necks and the seasons! All-terrain thanks to its two driving wheels, URAL sidecars offer the advantage of being able to visit Andorra in summer and winter, on asphalt as snow. You can even place your skis in the basket! … Or customized according to your wishes! Tailored to get off the beaten path.
Beyond the established circuits, Classic Side Tour offers you to customize your sidecar ride itinerary to allow you to get off the beaten path to go where your heart tells you. For yourself, or to make someone happy in an original way, totally personalize your itinerary, from the pick-up place for passengers to the stops you want!

The Principality of Andorra soon accessible by plane thanks to the future airport of Pas de la Casa

The future Pas de la Casa airport in Andorra: How is the project?

Since 2015, after the political and financial agreements between the Spanish authorities and those of the Principality, the airfield (built in the early 80s) of the Seu d’Urgell, a Spanish city located 12 km south of the Andorran border, has officially consider Andorra airport. Therefore, it is possible to establish air transport links between Andorra, Spain and France.
However, the country’s authorities do not hide their desire to have a real airport in Andorra in their own territory to facilitate their accessibility. A project aims to install the future airport of Andorra Pas de la Casa, a city located 2,000 meters above sea level, on the border with France.
Traveling by plane to Pas de la Casa, Andorra: Concord subject to discord!
The area chosen for the location of the airport infrastructure is in Terreny de Concordia, a land located between the upper valley of Valira in Canillo and the valley of Cortals in Encamp (Grau Roig). In fact, the ownership of this sector historically is disputed between the two parishes, the conflict still continues today and is far from being resolved …
Join Andorra by plane? Yes but …
The two obstacles to overcome before the project. The option recently selected and made public by Andorran radio and television about the future Pas de la Casa airport in Andorra would be good news for the promoters of the project. Only two major obstacles to its realization have yet to be overcome: Gather the owners of the Concordia land around the table to obtain their approval and achieve the construction of a complex that does not invade the future expansion of the Grandvalira ski area, in Grau Roig. This is another problem that remains unsolved.

The ownership of the territory of Concord at the heart of the debate

If the technical study carried out and presented by the Chamber of Commerce of the Principality confirms the feasibility and viability of the project, we will have to convince the local authorities to which the territory of Concordia belongs (15.6 km²). Interests could diverge, especially because the selected lands are subject to a discussion of appropriation between the parishes of Canillo and Encamp.
The promoters of the project must show a lot of diplomacy and tact so that each municipality participates in the construction of the Andorran airport of Pas de la Casa without having the feeling of being deceived. Joining Andorra directly by plane will not be done immediately! 
Another possible obstacle to the realization of the Andorra airport in the Pas de la Casa: the project validated and promoted by the company SAETDE for the extension of the ski area of ​​the Grandvalira station … in the Grau Roig sector, since be in the same area!
The execution plans provide a scheme that would guarantee the seventh access to Grandvalira, the largest alpine ski area in the Pyrenees.
This is located in the forest area between Pla de les Pedres and the Peretol snow park. The project involves the installation of elevators and the marking of a new airstrip. The green light and the approval of the various Andorran authorities competent in the matter can be done quickly and works begin quickly.
Reasons to wait for a Pas de la Casa airport in Andorra. The new ski project is already on the rails
With regard to the ownership of the land of Concord, it is clear that the agreement between the two parishes of Canillo and Encamp will be necessary. The signing of a commitment does not seem utopian in the light of a text dating from 1672, which establishes an agreement that delimits the territory strictly and that, above all, specifies it as indivisible and subject to rules of common exploitation by Both parishes.
Another very positive point about the future Pas de la Casa airport in Andorra, the recent positions of Joan Viladomat, majority shareholder of Saetde. The latter has stated that he would not oppose the project of an Andorran airport in Pas de la Casa, provided that it does not affect the development of Grandvalira recently adopted.

Go by plane to Andorra and get off the skis: soon, maybe!

It is true that the establishment of the Pas de la Casa airport could come into direct conflict with the idea of developing the new ski area. However, the convergence of the interests of all the actors currently involved in the Concord area is a real reason for hope. Everyone seems ready to discuss in any case, it is already an excellent starting point!