We start the new winter season 2019/2020

We start the new winter season 2019/2020

The first snowfall is the prelude to “Winter is coming”.

That is why, in Frontera Blanca, we have been preparing the next winter season 2019/2020 for several months so that all our clients can enjoy winter sports and their vacations more and better.

This year we have several novelties designed to satisfy our customers.

We have renovated more than 50% of the mattresses of our studios and apartments; sleep and rest well are essential to give the maximum in our days of skiing or snowboarding.

This year we offer all our clients the possibility of checking in a few days before their arrival, with the fast check-in.

All our clients will receive in their e-mail a few days before arriving all the information to make this process faster, and that upon arrival they only have to collect the keys of the studio and / or apartment; less waste of time in this process, and more time for your vacation.

We have reduced the capacity of some studios and / or apartments, more and better space for a better stay.

We have new Keycards to enter our accommodation.

This year, we also have a massage service that can be hired in Frontera Blanca, within the same gallery.

Frontera Blanca remains the official selling point of:




So, no time is wasted queuing anywhere.

We have changed 3 elevators of different blocks: block 1, block 4 and block 6.

Automatic access doors to the building’s galleries have been changed, the new ones are safer and more reliable.

Surveillance and fire systems have been improved, to increase and give more and better security to our customers.